Nigeria Sales Outsourcing Company


House of Sales Nigeria is a sales solution company. We help companies transform their sales  whether it is B2B , B2C, Direct Sales, Retail Sales, Enterprise sales. Our in-house sales team consist of experts and passion-driven individuals who  are ever available to carry out your sales operation effectively. We take over your sales process and deliver the best results in the game. Our clients range from small start-up businesses to large enterprise companies, with proven testimonials of our work. Let us push your organization to the next level of growth. Let us make it better.



We help our clients in developing leads. Just started a new company and looking for how to get leads? We assist small businesses in lead development and link you directly to your target market


Thirty (30) days later and still no leads? The House of Sales team can assist in securing appointments with clients. We will drop your company introduction letter to your target companies and ensure you get your foot in the door


Our team of 10 telesales agent are on standby, ready to begin calling your prospects. We make an average of 50 – 100 calls per day and what’s more we don’t take no for an answer. The House of Sales team will source for the number, make the call and secure an appointment on your behalf


Still sending an official email with your gmail? Addressing client as Dear Sir/Ma? Using capital letter on your email subject and still sending bulk email with no direction? Contact us now, let's fix it. Cold Email is a process of sending unsolicited email to your target market; There is a special art in sending Cold Email and guess what we know it and can teach you or send client email on your behalf.



Our Sales force are on standby to sell your product or service in the field.  We will design a Route-to-Market blueprint and equip the sales team with your brand sales presenter. We can work on-site in your office or remotely from our office. Our sales teams become your outside contract sales force with direct supervision by you, or our field supervisors. The benefits of working with us to roll-out your outside contract sales force is speed to market, less overhead than hiring internally, no management on your part and you get RESULTS!!


You only have ONE shot to make an impression in sales, there is no second act in selling. Buyers have too many options and not enough time. When your salespeople show up throughout the sales cycle, they must be exceptional — cutting through the noise and distilling what matters most. That’s where we come in. We train your sales team to out-perform the competition and take them through the entire Sales Cycle